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Jugglux, Steinberggasse 63, 8400 Winterthur, 0041 (0) 52 212 29 74, Kontakt

Our Team


Dominique Druey

Our father of the shop, co-founder, orders, sells and motivates. Whenever he’s not stuck in bed with back pain, he’s always at the front.
Favourite product: Kiwido

Katrin Gottschall
Our game educationalist enjoys working at Jugglux next to her family and her jab at the hospital. She ensures the cosy atmosphere at the shop in Winterthur.
Favourite product: Zug um Zug

Luzia Hartmann
Our co-worker of many years is currently training to become a paramedic and is consequently cutting back on working at Jugglux. With her passing skills in partner juggling, she has established an excellent reputation exceeding national boundaries.
Favourite product: Clubs

Marco Kuhn
Our former Pipistrello, juggler, webmaster and co-owner ensures a perfect performance in the Web as well as on the street and on stage. With his honest and patient character, he finds his way into all our customers’ hearts.
Favourite product: Diabolo

Martin Kisdaroczi
Our professional graphic artist and football fan.
Favourite product: Champions League Stickers

Peter Jud
Our globetrotter with talent for languages is a former juggler and loves playing everything.
Favourite product: Contact Juggling Ball

Jonas Zeller
our latest sales man started working regularly at Jugglux in September 2007. But he had already worked irregularly in the past few years. His artist website, contains some of his most magnificent tricks. Next to Jugglux, he is working as a professional juggler and is studying.
Favourite product (next to diabolos of course): Bilboquet