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Juggling Hat Juggling Hat

Hat Manipulation

The juggling hat is a traditional juggling prop and is strongly connected to gentleman jugglers. They are a bit stiffer than ordinary hats so they don't soften when used for juggling. Two, three or more hats are used for this juggling technique. Hats are thrown, balanced, caught on the head and other body parts.


 Zylinder Jonglierhut schwarz - XL Zylinder Jonglierhut schwarz - XL
Jonglierhut Zylinder von Mr Babache, schwarz Grösse XL entspricht Kopfumfang 62cm. Stabiler Zylinder Jonglierhut, ideal für Einsteiger in die Hutmanipulation.
59.00 CHF

Lagerbestand: 1 stk
Shipping time: 3-4 Days

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